Screen printing

Screen printing is a traditionally precise graphic technique. I’m not that attracted to precision though. I much prefer to leave room for luck and accidents because art is like life, it’s not precise. Life is messy, it goes everywhere, events don’t overlap to the nearest millimetre. Even habits change, infinitesimally, from one day to the next.

My screen printing work is like this. The corners do not always touch, colours lay on top of each other in a way that’s sometimes pretty wobbly, patterns multiply but are never exactly the same. The ink is spread using sponges, torn pieces of paper serve as stencils, layers are created with a brush, and the finished product is neither clear nor absolute, really.

These prints are abstract. A few are minimally figurative: it’s almost like they might mean something. Their design is not based on meaning however, but on beauty. With their plain background, they look a bit like graffiti, like portions of mosaics, or pieces of life devoid of context.